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Why a Shrimper?

Looks – the traditional “wooden gaffer” look; tan sails, gaff rig, bowsprit and clinker lines give the Cornish Shrimper unmistakable character that stands out from the “white boat” masses. But it’s not just about appearance; the design has its origins in the centuries old working boats of the West Country. This spirit and style is epitomised by the Old Gaffers Association at www.oga.org.uk

Versatility – Shrimpers are ideal for coastal cruising, competitive racing or just pottering about in rivers and estuaries. They can be easily trailed to holiday in new sailing grounds or used as a day boat. Most Shrimpers are equipped with a gas stove, lighting, Portapotti and two berths for sleeping aboard. They can be sailed single handed or the big cockpit is fine for a family boat. The relatively shallow draft, centre plate and rounded bilge strakes enable the Shrimper to be run aground safely on rivers or a beach.

Reliability - the vast majority of Cornish Shrimpers are still going strong since their launch in 1980. The robust and straight forward design has retained its appeal and proved long lasting. The GRP hull needs very little maintenance and the woodwork, spars, rigging and sails (depending on use) should only require an annual check and going over.

Seakeeping – Shrimpers are built for the North Atlantic coast of Cornwall and the traditional lines and rig inspire confidence that the boat will look after you. The many long voyages logged on the Shrimper Owners Association website at www.shrimperowners.org demonstrate the boat’s seaworthiness.

Trailing – the Shrimper can be winched (or floated) onto a road trailer which makes it easy to lift out at the end of the season, store ashore over the winter and relaunch in the spring. Many owners tow these “pocket cruisers” to new sailing grounds for their holidays; a flexibility which larger yachts lack. They can be towed by a reasonably powerful estate car or a 4x4 and should stow in a large garage or be can kept outside under a substantial boat cover. Dimensions and towing weights are on the specification page.

Low Cost of Ownership – yachting doesn’t have to be the sport of millionaires. The total cost of ownership of a second hand Shrimper is lower than running an ordinary medium sized car. A very good second hand Shrimper can be bought for under £15,000 but depreciation on a Shrimper is very low and the annual outgoings on moorings, insurance and maintenance typically need be no more than about £1,000 pa. so the total cost of ownership (over say ten years) should be significantly less than running a car.

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